Powerful Essential Oil Blends for Luck & Legal Matters

Powerful Essential Oil Blends for Luck & Legal Matters

Hello my dear ones, I would like to share with you some really amazing oil blends that have been really helpful as per the personal experiences of many people that I personally know. Furthermore, these oils tend to yield the best results when used in combination with incantations or invocations. Do feel free to give them a try whenever you feel that you need an additional boost in matters of luck and legal situations.You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. As usual, use them responsibly and wisely.

Chinese Luck Oil

1/2 part Neroli

1/4 part Jasmine

1/4 part Ylang-Ylang

Rain perfume oil, a few drops (optional)

Well known by the Chinese community, this marvelous hidden gem is an all-time favorite oil blend for improving wealth, luck and harmony.

Court Case Oil

1/2 part Hyacinth

1/2 part Lily of the Valley

Lavender, a few drops

This blend works very well to protect the user against the wrath of the court and to obtain judgment that is favorable. It is utilized as an anointing oil for candles or worn as a perfume.

Court Oil

Safflower Oil carrier oil

3/4 part Bergamot

1/4 part Allspice

Piece of High John the Conqueror Root

To be worn as a personal fragrance to carry you through legal proceedings with serenity and back into the free world when they are concluded. Pure anointing oil for external use only.

Day in Court Oil

1/2 part Cinnamon

1/4 part Anise

1/4 part Sandalwood

Carnation Petals, in master bottle

Galangal Root, in master bottle

To ensure a fair and impartial hearing.

Dragon's Hoard Oil

1/8 part Clove

1/8 part Patchouli

1/2 part Frankincense

1/8 part Pine

1/8 part Bergamot

Helps you find opportunity and resources.

Drawing Oil

1/2 part Orange

1/4 part Frankincense

1/8 part Bay

1/8 part Myrrh

A potent force for bringing luck, money or love to the one who wears this as a perfume.

Drawing Luck Oil

1/2 part Lavender

1/4 part Bayberry

1/8 part Rose

1/8 part Lemon

Almond, a few drops

To draw great luck towards you.

Elegua Oil

1/4 part Honeysuckle

1/4 part Coconut fragrance oil

1/4 part Cinnamon

1/8 part Sandalwood

1/8 part Vetiver

Elegua is commonly recognized as the ruler of our paths in life. He acts as the keeper of the keys to the gates of destiny. He opens roads and gives great success where it is warranted. He is a protector of your path. If your road is closed, then employ this powerful blend on white candles to open your path or tell you why it is closed so that you may learn the lesson and grow from your experience.

Fast Luck Oil

1/2 part Patchouli Oil

1/4 part Carnation

1/4 part Mimosa

Employ to turn bad luck to good luck in a hurry.

Fast Luck Oil II

1/2 part Patchouli

1/2 part Rose

Juniper, a few drops

Use to aid you in prosperity spells. When blending these oils, you must focus intensely on confidence and success.

Friendly Judge Oil

1/2 part Carnation

1/4 part Anise

1/4 part Cinnamon

Use when dealing with courts and lawyers. Put a couple of drops of this blend in bathwater for three days before a court date. Rub on the arms,the throat and the bosom on the court date. Rub on fingers before signing legal papers.

Get Out of Jail Oil

1/4 part Dragon's Blood

1/2 part Coconut fragrance oil

1/4 part Nutmeg

You must have the person working with you put this oil on all paperwork that has to be signed. Just 1 or 2 drops on the finger and then touching all the paperwork will be sufficient. To be used very wisely as misuse of this blend will result in the incurrence of bad karma for all involved.

Good Luck Oil

1 tablespoon dried Wormwood

3 teaspoons ground Nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon powdered Mandrake Root

13 drops Pine fragrance oil

1/4 cup Olive Oil

Brings good luck, notably in any astral travels, psychic working or divination.

Good Luck Mystic Oil

1/4 part High John the Conqueror

1/4 part Galangal

1/4 part Cinnamon

1/4 part Squill

An exceedingly strong spiritual blend that assists you in receiving prophetic dreams.

Happy Times Oil

1/2 part Orange

1/4 part Vanilla

1/4 part Violet

Changes luck and reverses unfortunate circumstances. Also assists in eliminating poverty.

Helping Hand Oil

1/2 part Vanilla

1/4 part Wintergreen

1/8 part Jasmine

1/8 part Oleander

Narcissus, a few drops

Used in court situations. It will also aid in any kind of domestic or household troubles or bring peace to a stormy marriage.

High John the Conqueror Oil

1/2 part Violet

1/2 part Lavender

3 drops Juniper

3 drops Heliotrope

Brings about favorable results in all your undertakings.

Jury Winning Oil

1/2 part Hydrangea

1/4 part High John

1/4 part Galangal

Asafetida, just a pinch

A powerful oil that is to be sprinkled on a judge's feet or in the jury box to help in a court case. Also, anoint a purple candle with this blend and let it burn to help in issues of law.

Just Judge Oil

Violet Leaf in bottle

1/4 part Myrrh

1/4 part Patchouli

1/2 part Rosewood

This is to be worn as a personal perfume to court especially when justice is in the balance and mercy is needed to tip the scales in your favor.

Just Judge Oil II

1/4 part Patchouli

1/4 part Sandalwood

1/4 part Hyacinth

1/4 part Dragon's Blood

A potent preparation to protect against negative results in court cases. It is said to guarantee compassion, favor and fairness from the magistrate's bench.

Lady Luck Oil

1/2 part Frangipani

1/2 part Musk

Vanilla, a few drops

Carnation, a few drops

Cinnamon, a few drops

In order for good fortune to smile on your numbers, cards or horse, you must ensure that the money you wager is rubbed with this blend before placing any bet. It can also be employed as a fragrance or rubbed on the back of the hands when playing games of chance.

Lodestone Oil

1/2 part Rose

1/4 part Frankincense

1/8 part Myrrh

1/8 part Cinnamon

Add iron filings and a small lodestone to the bottle

For anointing magnetic lodestones, or wear to develop good fortune and change bad luck to good.

Luck Around Business Oil

1/2 part Honeysuckle

1/4 part Dark Musk

1/4 part Neroli

Put a green candle near the entrance to your shop, rub it with this blend, and let it burn during business hours.

Luck Oil

1/2 part Basil

1/4 part Bayberry

1/4 part Vervain

This mighty blend aids you turn bad luck to good. Be sure to wear it when going out for any game of chance. May be worn as a daily perfume as well.

Lucky Bingo Gold Oil

1/2 part Jasmine

1/4 part Ambergris

1/4 part Orange

Dress all the lucky talismans, amulets or charms you like to carry with this blend for maximum impact.

Lucky Life Oil

1/2 part Cinnamon

1/4 part Chamomile

1/4 part Peony

Add a Tonka to each bottle

This blend works very well to give you help in any game of chance and to gain favor from the Faerie folk.

Lucky Lodestone Oil

1/2 part Cinnamon

1/2 part Lavender

Lodestone in bottle

Outstanding all-around oil for altering bad luck to good and developing good fortune.

Lucky Lottery Oil

1/4 part Neroli

1/4 part Rose

1/4 part Jasmine

1/4 part Musk

A specially prepared scent for anointing tickets to increase their chance of winning.

Lucky Nine Oil (Nine Mystery)

Equal amounts of the following essential oils:



Rose Geranium

Citrus (orange, lemon)






Blesses your business or home to overcome domestic and business troubles. Also works as an attractant. Or, anoint white candles with this blend for great success and to bring speedy change in fortunes.

Lucky Number Oil

1/2 part Neroli

1/2 part Musk

When purchasing lottery tickets, choosing a bingo card, or selecting a number of any kind for gambling purposes, anoint the fingertips of both hands before the ticket, card, or number is chosen.

Lucky Thirteen Oil

1/2 part Coconut fragrance oil

1/4 part Almond fragrance oil

1/4 part Sandalwood

Take away all the unfavorable implications of thirteen with this oil. It also accentuates the positive aspects of your life and eliminates all negativity.

Madama Oil

1/2 part Jasmine

1/4 part Peach

1/4 part Rose

Madama's purpose is to keep away all harm, to furnish protection where needed, to set everything right and to provide good luck as well as wealth in the home. The Spirit of Madama is also recognized as an intense protector of all her charges.

Magnet Oil

1/4 part Cinnamon

1/4 part Rose

1/2 part Rose Geranium

A lodestone in master bottle with iron filings

Similar to Lodestone Oil, this blend attracts all kinds of good fortune to the wearer.

Red Fast Luck Oil

1/4 part Cinnamon

3/4 part Vanilla

Wintergreen, a few drops

This strong blend brings luck in any situation as it works extremely well with changing bad luck to good very quickly.

Road Opener Oil

1/2 part Sandalwood

1/4 part Honeysuckle

1/4 part Vanilla

Gardenia, a few drops

This oil clears away all obstacles and problems in your path. It improves your luck in everyday affairs and opens the road to success. A good standard oil to have on hand.

Road Opener Oil II

1/2 part Sandalwood

1/4 part Honeysuckle

1/4 part Vanilla

Carnation, a few drops

The goal of this oil is to be objective and to give a miracle or extra luck when needed.

Seven Knots Candle Wish Oil

1/2 part Lilac

1/4 part Vanilla

1/4 part Lily of the Valley

This oil is for making wishes come true. It was designed for the candles that have seven balls or knots so as to make a specific wish on each knot. To utilize, rub each knot with this strong blend, light the candle, let it burn down one knot and then extinguish it. Repeat this action each day/night continuously till your candle is finished.

Special Favors Oil

1/4 part Lime

1/4 part Carnation

1/4 part Gardenia

1/4 part Wintergreen

Attracts friendly nature spirits. Anoint altar or room for best of luck and success.

Van Van Oil

1/4 part Vanilla

1/4 part Vetiver

1/2 part Lemon

Rose, a few drops

This blend draws to you luck (whether money or love) quickly to any work.

Van Van Oil II

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1 ounce Lemongrass

Pinch of salt

Employed to anoint doorways, candles, talismans and amulets for extra power.

Let lemongrass soak in the Olive Oil for six weeks. Shake every other day. Strain through a coffee filter into a clean glass bottle, label, and store in a dark place.

Van Van Oil III

3/4 part Vanilla

1/4 part Rose

Almond fragrance oil, a few drops

Many, many uses for this oil. Anoint seals, charms or talismans with it to increase their powers. Dress candles with this blend for more potency, especially the Seven-Knob Wishing Candles under which you have placed your secret desire written on parchment paper. Worn on the arms and shoulders, the oil attracts interest and love. For uncrossing, use 7 drops in the bath for seven consecutive days.

Win at Court Oil

1/2 part Frankincense

1/4 part Heliotrope

1/4 part Musk

Facilitate your path through the justice system by wearing this as your personal perfume whenever you are consulting with attorneys or going into court before the judge or jury.


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