How to properly perform Yoni Mudra (attitude of the womb or source)

How to properly perform Yoni Mudra (attitude of the womb or source)

Hello my dear ones, in Sanskrit, the word yoni means 'womb', 'seal', 'receptacle', 'repository' , 'resting place' or 'source'. Thus, yoni illustrates an abstract representation of Shakti, the dynamic feminine power of nature. Yoni mudra invokes the primordial energy that is deep-seated within the womb or source of creation. It usually holds a linga stone, representing Lord Shiva (the passive, witnessing consciousness). Yoni mudra is also widely known as the seal of the supreme Goddess Adi Parashakti.


Adopt a comfortable meditation posture with your head and your spine erect.

Put the palms of your hands together with the fingers and thumbs straight and pointing away from your body.

Maintaining the pad of your index fingers together, turn the little, ring and middle fingers inwards so that the backs of your fingers are touching.

Interlock your little, ring and middle fingers.

Bring your thumbs towards your body and join the pads of the fingers together to create the base of a yoni or womb shape.


Yoni mudra may also be performed by interlocking one’s middle, ring and little fingers without turning them inward. The thumbs may be outstretched with the pads touching towards the body or be crossed in front of the outstretched index fingers.


In the practice of Yoni mudra, the act of interlocking of the fingers establishes a total cross connection of one’s pranic energies from the right hand into the left and vice versa. Yoni mudra is very effective in balancing the pranas within the body as well as helping to balance the opposing but complementary energies and activities of the left and right hemispheres of one’s brain. In addition, the act of placing the tips of the index fingers and thumbs together further intensifies the upward flow of prana for enhanced health. Moreover, it heightens the downward flow of apana, the subtle energy that cleanses body, mind and emotions.

Yoni mudra brings great stability to the body and mind, aiding immensely in meditation and it brings about greater awareness, concentration and internal physical relaxation.

It also actively redirects one’s prana back into the body which would typically be radiated out into the external world. The elbows generally tend to point to the side when executing this mudra which assists in opening up the chest area.


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