3 Magical Ways to Attract What You Want With Communion with The Cosmos

3 Magical Ways to Attract What You Want With Communion with The Cosmos

Hello my dear ones, I would like to reveal to you three magical ways to attract what you want by talking to the universe right now. Indeed, there is a lot of different ways you can speak to the universe whether that is through your actions, through your thoughts, through your emotions but what we want to do today is we want to dive deep into the understanding of it and how we can actually be a lot more effective with our communication because understand one thing before we get into any of it we need to understand that clarity is power. If we think about it in a logical sense, clarity is power. If we think of it on a spiritual sense, on the law of attraction principles, then you need to also understand that clarity is power. It is part of the secret sauce. How many times have you  actually asked for something you want in life, whether that be  a relationship, whether that be a career goal and you actually got exactly what you wanted or what you said or what you put out there but it actually was not what you wanted because there is some missing parts. So, the way we communicate is very very important and these three ways is what I have utilized on a daily and regular basis so as to be able to manifest everything in my life and to be able to share my knowledge with thousands of people from all around the world.

I know you are also excited to learn more, so let us get  started. Now, what we are going do is we are going to break down the three magical ways to attract what you want through speaking to the universe. So, how do we do this we do this via these three ways and while I speak about this, I would like you to write this information on paper so that this reaffirms the learning process on a subconscious level. It sets those vibrations up on a deeper frequency, so do make sure to write this down. So that the first thing is through awareness of thoughts. Now, we will be diving deep into it, so number one is through awareness of thoughts. So just write number one "through awareness of thought" and then write number two "through the creation of our reflection" and number three "through your actions of service". Well, to a lot of you right now, it will be a little bit like blurry. It is like what does this actually mean.

How do you actually apply this stuff?

How do you actually make it work?

How do you communicate with the universe?

We are going to dive deep into this right now. So, let us commence from the point number one "through your awareness of thought".

What does this actually mean?

It means if we understand that everything is energy. Everything is actually energy in motion. Therefore, everything is a particular frequency of vibration. So, if our very thoughts are vibrations, what we think about on a daily basis is very very important. However, a lot of the time when we are speaking or praying to God or speaking to the universe or whatever religion you follow or believe in, what you usually do is you usually speak to whoever it is, whatever you believe in for those five minutes or for those 10 minutes or some of you maybe even one hour. Some of you really really are dedicated to it and may speak  for three hours but the biggest problem is not the three hours you are talking to him or her or the universe. The biggest problem is that there are essential parts that you are unaware of. That is why the first thing is to understand your communication through the awareness of thought by allowing yourself to become more aware of your daily, by the minute, by the hour, of what is actually going on in your mind. How are you communicating your vibrational frequencies, your vibrational thoughts out to the universe because if we start understanding this first of all, our physical brains processes eleven million pieces of information every second and out of the eleven million piece of information whether it is hot, it is cold, the sun is coming out, all this stuff happening, my hand should move, this should move, that should move, I should be looking at the road, whatever is you do throughout all of that you are only conscious of forty pieces of information.

So what does this mean?

Well, you are consciously trying to manifest forty pieces of information while there is another 11 million pieces of information going out there sending out to the universe.

So what does this mean?

The fear that we have let us say for example, let us say we want to take action and we want to create a particular result in our business and we want to manifest this thing. So we think about it consciously but what we do not realize is that subconsciously or unconsciously, there is another 11 million piece of information going out there with your vibrations saying I am scared, what if it does not work and you have a little bit of doubt and all these elements start kicking in. It is truly shocking but you need to realize that this is the current state of communication with the universe for the majority of people around the planet. So how do we get around this and how do we get rid of all that. Well, first of all you can practice a load of ways to calm the mind. Meditation is probably one of the best and effective ways to achieve it. It helps to calm the mind, get rid of the noise, so that you are more focused on your goals and what you want to attract. But what the most important key is to first of all just become aware of it because once you are aware of it, you are able to shift those patterns. So understand and become aware that you are constantly processing a huge volume of information at very moment. Now, I want you to just take a deep breath in and out right now and allow yourself just to witness and observe what your brain is processing right now and if there's any negative things or worries or stress come into your attention, all you need to do in that moment is just take a deep breath in and out, acknowledge it and then, just let go of it into the universe, this is one simple but big lesson I learned from a Kriya Yogi master. Write this down to reaffirm this learning that breathing is everything. The amount and quality of prana that you bring within your system and going through your chakras plays an immensely crucial role in your manifestation abilities. In this aspect, yoga pranayama techniques combined with mudras and bandhas can be literally a game-changer for those of you who are truly committed and  dedicated to living the best and the most inspiring and fulfilling experiences of our lives. Those of you who have learned this before, learn it again, write it down and cement it into your very psyche and your being. Breathing is everything. Every time we remind ourselves again, it sets in and it reaffirms on a different and much deeper level. We can breathe and it soothes the mind, calms our inner noise and allows us to focus back on what we want in life. So be aware of our mind, do not focus on the negative, just shift directly to the positive. You will internally realize that you are actually wasting your precious energy on negativity. Wouldn't it be best to focus on the positive things. So practice this on daily basis. The moment you think of a doubt, just consciously think of the positive and keep doing that and very soon, you will find that your attraction, the way you communicate with the universe to attract what you want, becomes a lot more powerful and then you start seeing results happen in front of you very quickly. So that is the secret number one.

Now, we are going to move into point number two, which is through the creation of reflection.

Now what does this truly mean?

It means well first of all, let us bring to our awareness that everything around us is just the reflection of us and that we attract everything that we are. It is a mirror. Everything is a mirror. The level of your awareness is key here. When you raise your frequency, you need to start understanding that you will have more awareness and you will see and realize that everything becomes a reflection of yourself including me right now. I am just a reflection of you speaking to you right now and some of you will not be able to get that around your logic mind but this is really not about logic. This is about what is the truth. Well, logic comes from knowledge. If you think about it this way, if you think centuries ago, people would say the earth is flat. So when they say the earth is flat, that is logic, that is knowledge but is it true right now or was it true then right. We do not know what we do not know. So, if we can keep our minds open for a second, if everything is a reflection of us, then how do we communicate with the universe. The second best and most magical and powerful way is to be what we want to attract. So if we want to attract love right now, it is important to be love itself. Vibrate that love frequency fully using your emotions, think about love. You cannot be hating on the world and then hating all your circumstances and spend those two minutes trying to attract love and you think that is the communication with the universe because you are communicating whether you like it or not every second, every minute, every moment of every day, you are energetically communicating with the divine cosmos without even being aware of it.

So, how do you keep yourself vibrating at the frequency of what you want to attract?

For example, some of you want to attract wealth, you want to attract money, if you keep saying I cannot pay the bills, I do not know what to do, I am really broke right now, I have got no money and you keep telling people that stuff, that is what you are actually becoming, that vibration. So instead of that, you need to be in the vibration of abundance. Take your mind on that frequency. If you find it hard, you can listen to my free abundance meditation and raise yourself into those higher vibrations and become money, become wealth, feel that you are wealth and in abundance right now because then the reflection will soon show around you. So that is how you consciously create. You bring the awareness right through the creation of your reflection. So that is the second way to communicate with the universe because it will just answer to what you are okay.

Last but not least, the third and the final thing is through your actions of service. Some people may know of this as Karma. Now, what you put out in the universe is what you get back. There is also what it says in the Bible right: "What you sow you shall reap". 

So, how do you put something out and you get back?

What a lot of people do not understand is that a lot people are thinking about I am really nice to people, why am I then not wealthy because it is not about you being nice to people, but in truth, what you put out is what you get back. You put out a dollar, that is dollars coming back. You put out love, that is what you get back. So, you need to sow what you want to reap and what does this mean. For example, in business, it is very hard and difficult for a business to grow if they do not invest money out. In general, people are trying to be too stingy and holding on to those dollars and those pounds, they do not want to put it out there and yet, they are still expecting money to just to come in without them putting any money out. You have to realize that this is an exchange of energy. Everything is energy in motion. If money is also energy, then what goes out must come in and what comes in must go out. This is the state of flow. Energy likes to be in flow and energy must always flow. I want you to write this down and reaffirm that precious learning and lock it in there. So, money always likes to be flowing. Energy always must be flowing. If we understand that simple yet vital principle, we will  start understanding what we put out is what we get back.

So how do we create through our actions of service?

So it means that if we are looking to attract love right now, we need to serve people with genuine love and help and find people love. It is absolutely amazing how your life will start blossom and transform once you set out and go out in the world and help as many people as you can with a pure heart. You will start to communicate with the universe on a much deeper and higher level. So please do make use of these things, go out there, put out the actions of service, help other people make money or find love because then you will also attract money and love into your own existence. That is your accumulated good karma towards money or love. Help other people through your selfless actions of service, this is your good karma. Be assured that what you put out, you will always get back. No good action is ever wasted. So, please do make use of these wonderful knowledge that I have gathered on my own spiritual journey. Now, you are in possession of the secrets to make the law of attraction work for you, act on them and get ready to take your life to the next level.


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