How Water Fast Works & Why You Should Try It To Manifest Your Dream Life

How Water Fast Works & Why You Should Try It To Manifest Your Dream Life

Hello my dear ones, I remember around 10 years ago there was a lot of things that I wanted to manifest into my life and for some reason I kept having these recurring blockages and problems and kept on manifesting the same things that I did not want in my life until a Kriya Yogi master introduced me to water fasting and some people would think that it is a totally health thing. What has it got to do with law of attraction? Actually the way it removes the energies and shifts your energetic and vibrational frequency is truly amazing and that is why in this post I would like to share it with you and break it down for you in terms of my process and what it helped me do and how you also can give it a shot with a step-by-step guide to how to do it too.

So let us dive into it. Before we begin, I want to break down for you a little story of how water fasting allowed me to significantly increase my own manifestation powers and manifest a lot of things in my life aside from that is the step-by-step guidance on how you could go about doing it. So first of all, I will talk a little bit about the actual process of water fasting. Now some people they do like a one day fast or they do even a two day fast and I will now reveal to you that in truth, a one day or a two day fast actually does not do that much for your manifestation capabilities and the reason behind it is maybe if we have a better understanding of what happens during the fasting phase then we will get a little bit more clarity on how it actually works. So on day one, you are literally just rinsing water through so you are only consuming water with no food, you are rinsing water through your system and it is going be tough especially for beginners but most of the tough is in the head. You actually might grumble a little bit but it is not going to be that you are starving or anything. So it is more kind of a mindset game which is actually very good for strengthening your mind. As you strengthen your mind, your spirit, the flow of prana energy through your chakras and your spiritual powers also strengthen. So this also helps with those powers. Then what happens on day two, it starts emptying the full body of all of the food that is inside there and then it will literally just be water going in and coming out. Day three is what I call the miracle day, the magic day and that is why whenever I do water fast, I usually do it at least once a year and or whenever I intuitively feel that I need it and I am going to cover a little bit about that in a moment.

The reason behind it is because when we water fast and it gets to that last point on the third day already your body needs energy to move right and by the way there is a lot of misconceptions where a lot of people say oh you have to stay in bed, you have a lot less energy if you water fast and all the rest of it. In reality, it is not the case at all. You can actually live your every day as it is. I can go work out even at the gym. I can do everything as normal. My mind will obviously be telling me that I am more tired but it is not true at all. You have that power source and if you use that energy, your body needs to find a place to find energy and what it does then, it starts eating into the fats which is all the unused stored energy within your body.

Now aside from the fats in our piping, in our lining, we will hold and I know this does not sound extremely appealing but we will hold a lot of digested as well as undigested food that is in there and has been stuck in there. In most people, the fat and greasy stuff has been stuck in there for a lot of years and possibly decades and they are stuck on the edges there. Some individuals they will refer to things like colon therapy which you might have heard of before. It is when they insert some pipe up the backside and then they blast water in and then they suck all the water out and everything comes out. An acquaintance of mine used to work in one of these clinics and they will usually have a tank and it is for you to observe what comes out of that tank and it will most probably scare you or freak you out because the stuff you see in there is like why is that even in my body or why does it look like that. So what you start to realize is there is a lot of stored wastes accumulated inside the body and it has probably been in there for quite some time.

Now we understand that everything holds energy right. Energy is everything and everything is energy at various levels of frequencies. In reality, this is all actually old energies that is stored in your body. So it is actually the biggest cleanse you can do. Now some people they will refer to colon therapy. Personally, I do not go for colon therapy for the simple reason that I know that if I fast long enough, it will actually do the same thing. The thing with colon therapy is when you do that, then at least you do not need to starve yourself and you can eat straight away and you do not need to fast or anything like that. It is done instantly but personally I find the process of the fast, the three days or the five days or some people do 15 days even, it is very spiritually enlightening.  You will start to understand your mind much more and you will start seeing all your addictions to sugars, to carbs, to fats, to all these things and then once you are cutting down on addictions again, it is very very good for cleansing old energies.

So usually you go through this process day three, it will start eating into the sides of your intestines and stomach, getting rid of everything, all old energies and removing it. From day three, you will pretty much feel it is home run like you will not be that hungry but it will be just a temptation, it will be a thought that oh it will be nice to eat. Your stomach shrinks and hence, it is very crucial how you break your fast as well. If you are to break your fast, it is best you do not just slam the pizzas down and eat the curry and everything because your body will literally absorb like a sponge at that time. So maybe and ideally some things like light fruit and veggies would be very good for all the nutrients the body requires and so that is kind of the process. You can do for three days. You can do for five days, ten days or even 15 days. But again, I want to put a quick disclaimer here because I am not a doctor so if you are going through certain things then obviously everything you need to consult doctor before you try anything here. But what I do know is that for a lot of people, it is just a mindset game and I have found that a lot of people that I have guided through water fasting throughout many years is that people with certain illnesses, diseases, all this type of stuff,  they have been able to cleanse all of that because they have discarded their bodies of all the acids, all the toxins, all the nasty stuff as well as the old energetic patterns there.

Now let us go on to that part when we release the acids, the toxins, all of that type of stuff right or old energies, what are we doing actually is that we are decluttering the body but most importantly, you are decluttering your energetic centers (chakras). So when you declutter the chakras, it thus creates the required space within your to invite new, clean divine pranic energies to enter your chakras and flow through you and this is truly very very powerful for manifestation. So that is why I said when I got introduced to this around ten years ago and then I did my first water fast, I then discovered that it was extremely extremely tough. As a matter of fact, I was really quite unhappy while I was doing it. Some people called it 'hangry' (hungry and angry) and I was like that and I did not enjoy it so much but still I decided to do it again. It was a weird feeling. I just got called to do it. So I did it again. With further instructions from the Kriya Yogi teacher to incorporate pranayama techniques with mudras and bandhas during my meditation sessions as well as to invoke divine blessings, energy and healing to the water each time before drinking it, my second time when I did it, it was totally different and very interesting because when I went into meditation especially those days, I was in isolation. Whenever I went into meditation, my mind was so very clear and I could see so clearly my purpose, my passion, what is aligning my intention and I started to naturally set my intentions the way I usually do it through visualization and all those practices.

But while I was visualizing my goals, I was visualizing number one back then was I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to meet a lot of my role models at the time which were people like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and other entrepreneurs and speakers and influencers out there and I also wanted my first luxury car right and I wanted a nice house and what was really interesting is every single thing became manifested within a  12-month period. With the wonderful guidance I received from that Kriya Yoga master, I truly believe that everything manifested from there and some people will say oh it is a coincidence, it is an accident but I always say to people, you know if you truly believe it to not be true then it is always never going to be true but if you believe it to be true and you are willing to give it a shot then you have nothing to lose right and truly great things will start to happen.

So if you guys would like to give it a try maybe, again you need to see your own health conditions and whether you feel fit for it but I personally definitely and highly recommend it for all to give it a shot. You can start slow by doing a 1 day fast to begin with and see how you feel. Then, progressively aim to increase the number of days of fasting. The 3 day water fast is more than enough for most people but if you feel that you need to do more cleaning, you can definitely do more as per your own capacity and needs. So, it is now up to you to take full control and responsibility of your life. Have faith in the divine, do your part and you will surely reap the benefits sooner or later. You will be amazed how much potent your manifestation powers will become as you become more and more synchronized with the divine cosmos and the law of attraction. The power of creation is always within you. Decide now, be dedicated, take the required actions and hold yourself accountable to make this your best life yet.


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