Warning: Don’t Let Tarot Cards Mess With Your Life [MUST READ!!]

Warning: Don't Let Tarot Cards Mess With Your Life [MUST READ!!]

Hello my dear ones, quite recently I have been meeting more and more individuals who have been asking me about my thoughts about tarot cards and whether they should believe in tarot card and tarot cards predictions. Indeed, tarot card are becoming more and more popular worldwide and they are also regarded highly by people of various spiritual faiths. So, this is a very interesting topic and I am sure that a lot of you also want to know more about it.

Let us dive deep into it and learn the truth about tarot cards. Many years ago, I also had a particular interest in tarot cards. Upon my memorable meeting with a Kriya Yogi Master, one day I asked him to enlighten me on this subject. It was then that he revealed his thoughts and wisdom on it. As per the master, there is indeed a truth in tarot cards because it is like nothing happens by accident even if you were to flip a coin, you manifest what is going to come out the outcome. So everything is like that in the same sense that if you flip a card, you manifest that that is within your vibrational alignment. If it was not within your vibrational alignment to see a message, you would not see it. So for that there is truth.

Now, concerning the way how people use tarot cards, there is a feeling that the things that go out in public because of the person reading the tarot cards, they have to make it very generic. Some readers are very intuitive and professional and they really know what they are talking about. Genuine readers are able to tap into the constantly changing flux of possibilities available. But some are not so professional and these people tend to give it a try. If you are lucky to find a professional one, this person will not be able to give you specific detail of how you should work in your life right now because if they know that something is going out to the general public, then the message needs to be generic to fit all. So it cannot be a specific. However, if you get a tarot card reading specific for yourself from the right person who knows what they are talking about then there is truth in it. 

Then, in that case what should you think like when people go to a professional for example and they read the tarot cards for you?

Is this something for you to like take it as always going to happen, kind of thing like if they tell you or you are going to meet the love of your life in certain time, then you should be like looking forward to it?

What if they already told you something then, you are expecting that outcome but then what happened if it does not happen, like to what extent if they tell you something about your future, it will actually be happening or because they have told you this information then like destiny might change?

As per the Kriya Yogi Master, tarot cards are definitely helpful for some people but it depends how the facilitator knows how to work with people. So, if somebody is just carelessly giving tarot card readings, that person could give a reading to somebody who is a weak spirit, they can hear it and think oh no that means my life is going to go crashing down. Therefore, what happens is that it further reinforces their vibration of negativity and scarcity and fear and then they manifest it even more and even faster.  Thus, whoever is reading tarot cards has a very big karmic responsibility. That is why it is like let us say for example you a strong-minded person, you know how to guide what you can read. You know how to guide them. You know how to push them in the right way. They will be intrinsically motivated towards action. So, in the same sense let us not even talk about tarot card reading, even just palm reading or even just soul reading. So, if I as the reader look at somebody and I see exactly what they are doing wrong, what they are doing right, what they should avoid or if I see what danger is coming up, now it is down to the facilitator because it is a huge responsibility now. I need to be a judge of the readee's character, strength, spirit to say how am I going to get this message across or will I get this message across at all.

If it is a weak person and you know that something bad is going to happen, so what are you going to do?

For example let us say if you knew somebody, they are prone to feeling suicidal right and then you knew that their boyfriend is with another girl right, what would you do?

Would you go to her and say hey you know what is happening because now you have a huge responsibility. You see so this is why a good future reading and a person who is doing the reading right they know their responsibility. That reader will have to take responsibility, look at the other person and then give the advice accordingly. Those who just say okay this means now you need to walk left, this means you need to walk right, this means if you are in a relationship, you should get out of it, this is highly irresponsible and we cannot read that way you see because we do not know who this message is going out to and we do not know what people are going through out there. So obviously by chance if you do tarot card reading out to a million people, you are going to have a thousand people saying oh my god this is so true, this really helped thank you yeah but you do not know about the 100 people in pain that suicided, you do not know for sure. Thus, such reckless readings can be highly counter-productive and will earn considerable bad karma for the reader unbeknownst to the latter.

So, it depends significantly to whom you go to and from whom you go to get this type of readings or guidance because at the end of the day it is like for example you master when you give such guidance to someone, it also takes responsibility onto their lives as well. In a nutshell, the main learning from the Kriya Yoga master is that people need to start taking more conscious responsibility for themselves and not become dependent on some cards as to how they should live their existence. So, for everybody out there, you can never go wrong with strengthening your mind, your body, your spirit all the time with fruitful spiritual practices such as Yoga asanas, Yoga pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, Yoga Nidra, high-frequency essential oils, chakra work, Higher Self meditations, healing crystals, prayers, Qigong, Tai Chi, mantra chanting, meditation and so on. The stronger you become spiritually, the more powerful your manifestation abilities become and the lesser the influence of the external energies have on your soul and your spiritual evolution. You then start to break free from the shackles and limitations of the material world. Thus, it is your prime duty to become a strong spirit. You cannot go wrong with acquiring powerful knowledge, new knowledge that will empower you as well as others. You cannot go wrong with hanging around with positive people. You cannot go wrong with thinking positive and being positive. You cannot go wrong with giving genuine love and kindness to all those around you. So, if everything, if every action, every thought is towards positivity, then you really do not need a reading or any kind reading for that matter. You intuitively know deep down that your future is positive and you are going to get everything you want. So, believe in yourself, have faith and realize that in truth, you are never alone and you stand as the powerful co-creator of your own destiny who is always showered with infinite blessings from the divine creator. Always perform all your duties for benefit of the highest good and let the universe do the rest. Rest assured that no good action is ever wasted in this divine play of life and that without any doubt, you will surely reap the wonderful rewards of your good karma.


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