Warning: It Is Best To Remain Single Until You Meet Someone Like This

Warning: It Is Best To Remain Single Until You Meet Someone Like This

Hello my dear ones, most of us feel the natural human need of companionship in the form of a romantic relationship. This is totally normal but in the search of such a relationship, how good are your chances in meeting the right person along your own journey. So, let us learn more on what kind of person is best for you if you are single and wish to be in a serious relationship.

In order to derive the best experiences in a romantic relationship, it is of utmost importance that you find somebody who is spiritually aligned with yourself.

Now, how do you actually determine who is spiritually aligned with yourself?

What is a spiritual alignment?

The truth is that when you do find this person, everything will be exactly the way it is supposed to be but the biggest problem I see all the time is that a lot of people out there they have what they call their model of the world. How they think their values lie. Where they feel that you know this is the exact criteria that I am looking for right now but how many of you have ever had this before when you think that you want a certain type of person to be in your life and you meet that certain type of person and then there is so many other things involved that you did not ask for and you are thinking wow you know why on earth did I attract this person.

Why was I not more specific with what I was trying to manifest out there?

The biggest problem is because a lot of the time we have what we call our model of the world but the biggest problem is our model of the world and how we see the world should be right.

How we see that our wife or husband should?

How our future partner should be?

How our living partner should be?

The biggest problem to that is that our model of the world how we think it should be is usually not our model of the world. It usually is somebody else's model of the world. It is usually through our upbringing through society, through our parents, through all of this, the mindset that has been created from other people around us has determined how we think our model of world should be. That is why a lot of the time when we meet that model of the world we think oh well actually I want something else you know. This is not what I was actually looking for. The biggest problem is because in that gut and this is what we talk about a lot you know. In that gut feeling or that good feeling or even that God feeling right is when we know we are spiritually aligned with our purpose and what we are looking for and everything is supposed to happen that way. Now, the biggest problem to that is that we have our gut and we have our mind and a lot of the time, we end up such that our mind starts processing and thinking this is right, this is wrong, this is what I am looking for, this is what I am not and but our mind is determined by our upbringing, by people around us, so it is not actually our mind right.

Likewise, first of all with finding someone to love, finding someone as a loving partner, we need to first find our self and find our true alignment and then start finding their alignments to align with. Now, first of all is to understand this. So, if our mind is processing other people's information, what other people wants and what other people don't want right and so in our mind we will have for example in the past I would say the living partner that I am looking for needs to know how to cook or needs to know how to iron clothes or clean the house. The reason behind that it is not because that is my alignment or that is what I am actually looking for but this is what my upbringing taught me right through watching mom and you watching dad and this is how the relationship was. So, you also believed that is exactly what I am looking for right, but in actual fact we need to start figuring our own alignment out first and how we do that is to first block out the mind.

So, we first block out the mind and then we start understanding and take a deep breath in and out and I always say you can feel or when you feel that 'Chi' or 'Prana' right, bring the energy up and then back down. When you feel that the prana is grounded and settled in the Solar Plexus chakra region, this is your most perfect path to start making these powerful intuitive decisions that are not actually based on our thought but based on our alignment with the divine universe and how things are supposed to be in our life. So, how we do this? We take a deep breath in and out. Now after we have done that what we need to really feel for is what is it that I am looking for right now. So, once you have taken this breath in and deep and breath out, what you want to do is you want to start really connecting with the universe and then start feeling what is it that you are looking for. Ask that question and throw it out there into the divine cosmos. What is it that I really need in my life right now. The biggest thing and the most easiest way to look at this is, what is your purpose, what is your goals, what is it that you are looking for right now right. If it is happiness, if it is you know in your career right now this is something you really want to focus on, if you feel this calling, this drive right, what you want to do is that person you are looking for wants to be aligned with that vision, wants to be able to support that vision, wants to be able to allow and give you that space to shine, this is what you are really looking for and this will be perfect alignment to that time and place.

Now, the biggest problem is this right, the thing is a lot of people they do not end up staying single and the reason why they do not stay a single is because they sometimes people get lonely, sometimes people really want somebody to be there all the time you know but the biggest problem that most people do not realize is that and this is the famous saying where they say when your cup is full, stop pouring right. When your cup is full, it is very hard for new things or better things or great things to enter in your life. So, if you keep that cup full and your mind occupied and your energy capacity occupied and full, it is very hard to let new energy in and start attracting that actual thing that you want in life and so that is why it is extremely important to actually stay single until you meet someone like this.

So, now you are thinking okay someone like this what is this person right. I actually believe that first of all, when you want to love somebody else, it starts from self-love. Start understanding yourself, start understanding your own frequency, start tuning into yourself and your vibrations and when you are totally at peace, you are in that physical being and that state of being and when you can be in that state, then everything will naturally come into your life is supposed to be there right. Now, one thing to understand is this, though everything in your life does not mean everything needs to come into your life and have to stay forever. In reality, everything and everybody for that matter serves its purpose in time in this play of life. Now, I know a lot of you will be thinking what does that actually mean.

Does that mean that people are going to come in and then leave your life, others will come into your life and leave your life?

Well understand one thing, some people can be there to stay forever in your life whilst others might only be there on a temporary basis. As such, this relates exactly to how energy is always moving. Energy likes moving and is always in constant flux. Being essentially energetic beings in physical form, we are also energy. So, as long as we allow that energy just to flow within us and allow things to flow into our life and if it needs to at those moment in time flow out of our life, then just let it be because that is where nature and energy is most beautiful and we are allowing that power of the divine universe to work its magic and so what we want to do is we do not want to think too much about the future. Do not think too much about it because by you thinking about the future, you cannot control what you get in this very moment. So, instead of doing that what you want to do you want to just focus in this moment in time, what makes you happy and when you find that person who makes you smile, that person when you see them, it just you do not know what it is right and they do not need to fit a certain criteria there is no oh she needs to look a certain way, oh she needs to be a certain way, oh she needs to know this, she needs to know how to cook, she needs to know that, there is no criteria when you find and meet someone that someone like this. This is what I call that perfect spiritual alignment when you find somebody who just makes you happy and you cannot even explain why it is not feeling it is just like oh I don't know what it is I just feel it is so easy and life seems to be so easy and smooth and everything I am going towards right now, it is just everything just aligns perfectly and it is exactly the way it is supposed to be. Thus, the biggest thing you need to learn first is to tune in to yourself, be the best version of yourself right because life is purely a reflection of ourselves. So, when we see a lot of things that we do not want in life, start focusing on self, correct yourself and then start working on yourself and then you will see naturally the right people will come in alignment with you and what you are looking for really and until you find that you definitely want to stay single. Keep that empty cup right and allow that space for this beautiful loving partner to enter into your sphere of experience and come into your life and make your life the most happiest, enjoyable and fulfilling life that you were destined for.


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