5 Powerful Steps to Attract Your EX Back Into Your Life Using The Law of Attraction

5 Powerful Steps to Attract Your EX Back Into Your Life Using The Law of Attraction

Hello my dear ones, recently I have been in contact with numerous people who have experienced serious breakups. It is quite strange but for most of them, the love still lingers strongly in spite of the pain and they all truly want their ex back. This is a quite normal feeling for humans who crave companionship. Indeed, the familiarity of an old flame is truly soothing to one's spirit. So, if you truly feel that your ex is someone really special that you really need back and you want another chance to make it really work this time, I am going to share with you five ways to attract your ex back using the law of attraction. Through my spiritual practices, I was able to tap into the source, tuning into actually find these steps for you to give you what you want if that is what you really want to attract your ex back and not only is this just to attract your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend back, it is also to actually show you a way how you can actually keep them. This is because getting them back is one thing but keeping them is another.

So, in this post I am going to break down for you the five steps to attract your ex back into your life using the law of attraction and I am just going to get straight into it okay. So, point number one for those of you who have just broken up like literally now, then the first thing you need to do is detach, like detach, let go, allow yourself to detach from the outcome and detach from him or her right now. That is a very very important thing because first of all understand this, if for example he or she has called for the break-up and you tried to grab a hold of him and you keep a hold of him, what will happen is that the more you fight for it, the more it will repel and this is as nature always has it. So, your first step must be to just let go of that person. Once you let go, you create the necessary space for him or her to actually flow back into your energy field okay. So, the first thing is you must detach, let go. If they say split up, you say okay and let it go. If he/she says oh I am leaving and say okay and let go. When you open up, it creates the space for him or her to enter back into your life. The biggest problem is when it gets to this stage where people have gone through a breakup, people are like no no no please don't and then they fight for it. Always understand this. The universal laws of attraction does not work with you when you are fighting. So, first thing is to allow yourself to detach and let go okay.

Now moving on to the second point. Point number two is to break the energy.

What does that mean?

If you understand it like this right, now I am assuming that leading up to a breakup, there will be certain arguments or negative energy that is created in that sequence and what happens is always understand this right, what you focus on, expands.

What does this mean?

It means when you focus on something, it expands and it also builds momentum. So what happens is let us say for example, you are in a negative race right now and all this negative energy right now if you actually carry on interacting with him or her during this time, it becomes a serious problem. This is because you start amplifying it and it gets worse and worse and worse. Now, especially those of you who are fighting for it, it gets worse and worse. In those moments, as you are focusing on negativity, it expands. You get more and more of it and they get further and further away.

So, what do you need to do?

You literally need to sever the energy cord right now, cut that negative energy field. So now that you have let go, you have allowed them just to be and leave and pack their bags, do whatever they do, the second thing is you must break the energy field.

How do you do that?

You do that by no communication literally, like if him or her, if they message you, if they call you, if they try speak to you, just totally cut it in an instant. The truth is that when you sever an energy field what actually happens is, it starves that cord of energy and what occurs is it wants the energy back. So, a lot of the time when you cut it totally, it will try to come back and it will keep trying to come back because it is hungry for this energy flow and so if you sever it in that moment, what happens is that it stops the energy. When you stop it, it will try and find you. Now, the most crucial thing throughout this phase because if you sever it and they try to speak to you, try to communicate with you, try to see you and you still allow that, because of the momentum of the energy prior to this detachment, it was a negative energetic pattern and it will actually continue to be negative. That is why a lot of romantic relationships when they split up, they kind of immediately get back together, they are not totally cut and then what happens is it slowly slowly spirals out of control and it gets worse and worse and they still end up breaking up but this time it is much more painful. So instead of that, cut the cord and how long do you need to cut it for, you need to cut it for four weeks. That is a whole month. Now, I know for a lot of you, there will be a lot of thoughts during that particular duration of time. You will have a lot of worry, a lot of stress, you are thinking oh what if they meet someone else, a lot of this thought. You must cut their cord, cut the energy field right and as long as you trust the universe that the moment you cut it okay, the universe has your back all right. I highly recommend you to write this down as this action reaffirms this deep wisdom and logs into our subconscious mind okay. So now you have broken the energy field, what will happen is, he or she will always try to communicate with you or try to see you, you must put it for four weeks, one whole month and when you do that what happens is it starves it of energy so much and the craving becomes so bad, when you allow the energy to flow again after four weeks boom, it is like a magnet. It will come at you like crazy and instantly okay but you need to have faith and trust the universe. The truth is that the universe is always on your side and definitely has your back. So allow that just to flow within your mind okay, cut the energy but trust that everything is going to flow. So that means zero communication.

What does this mean?

It means do not accidentally bump into them. It means do not accidentally call them, accidentally message them. Do not give yourself an excuse for why you need some message them because I need to pick up my bags, no do not do it at all, cut all communication. If you cannot do that and if you cannot do it for four weeks, then you simply got to forget about wanting him or her back okay. So that is step number two.

Now moving on to step number three. Now, this is the perfect time. You have detached yourself. You have cut the energy field. Now is the perfect time to actually set your new intentions. So when do you want to set your intentions and how do you say intentions okay. So early in the morning preferably before 5 am, first thing when you wake up, your mind is most calm, most at peace, vibrations are at a high vibrational frequency at that time, close your eyes and take yourself into the visualization, see him or her there, interact with them as if it is happening. You are back together and everything is in the future but it is in the now. You bring it into now and then you feel it. Now what you want to do is you want to feel and really feel and feel those emotions deep within your core in that situation. After you have done that for 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, some of you 15 minutes if you wish, then you are done, you are finished and get on with your everyday routine. Do not think about it anymore. That is your intention set. Set that intention in the morning when you first wake up. Set that intention also before you go to bed. By doing so, you will hit those amazingly high vibrational frequencies of attracting who you want in your life.

Now, moving on to point number 4. You must avoid negative vibrational frequencies.

So what does this mean?

It means hate. This is definitely acknowledged by the great spiritual mystics around the world as one of the most destructive and negatively-charged energetic frequencies in the universe. You must definitely get rid of that. If you ever feel hate, take a deep breath in and out, consciously let it out, let that low frequency out. As such, regular practice of various yoga pranayamas in combination with mudras and bandhas will truly work wonders for you and greatly you help out in this process by significantly recharging your inner pranic store with high-level of fresh positive prana. So, all low vibrational frequencies will not serve you. It will create more chaos and blockages for you. So, you need to get yourself at the high vibrational frequencies. If you are angry at him or her, you need to let that go and take a deep breath in and out, let it go okay. Jealousy, frustration, now this is a huge thing. Do not go checking their Facebook, checking their YouTube, checking whatever they do and then get jealous of the people that hang around with because jealousy is also a low vibrational frequency. You will never be able to manifest what you want in life if you continue to vibrate at those frequencies.

So what do you do at those moments?

First of all, it is to cut the cord, avoid all social media with this person, block them, get rid of them alright, like literally get rid of them for those four weeks. Then, what you want to do during this time is you want to just stay away from low vibrational frequencies. Do not feel jealous okay. When you feel an ounce of it come in, take a deep breath in and consciously let it out on the exhalation. Another way to do it is to actually switch your focus on to the positive. Remember if you focus on negative, negative expands. So, when you think of them together with another person, they will be with another person okay. So now focus on the positive okay and the positive will expand.

Last but not least, we are finally shifting on to the final point. Point number five is remain in that positive emotional and vibrational frequency. So, you need to stay in love and learn to love yourself. When you learn to you love yourself, then you will finally learn to love other people and when you love yourself and you are at that vibrational frequency of love. you become love. You will then attract the love that you need from the person that you want in life and how to feel that love in every moment, feel gratitude. Just look at your arms, your hands and just say wow, just even just thank God that I am alive right now.

Is this not a truly beautiful feeling?

Every time you feel your mind shifting what do you do okay, take a deep breath in and now bring yourself back into the moment and think thank God I am still alive. In a nutshell, my message to all of you is to make sure to follow all these five steps to allow love and high vibrational frequencies to enter your field of experience so as to attract what you want in life. Thus, stay positive, have faith, inspire yourself and do your part diligently and leave the rest to the divine cosmos. Above all else, remember that the universe always has your back.


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