5 Amazing Ways You Can Use High Frequency Oils To Attract Love, Money, Protection & Much More

5 Amazing Ways You Can Use High Frequency Oils To Attract Love, Money, Protection & Much More

Hello my dear ones, as you may already know by now, I have been a huge supporter of utilizing High Frequency essential oils for a very long time. Sometime back, I even raised this topic with my Kriya Yogi master. To my great amazement, he wholeheartedly agreed that using high vibrational essential oils and corresponding blends, one can indeed greatly boost one’s manifesting abilities as well as significantly enhance one’s synchronicity with that of the Divine Cosmos which further accelerates the effects of the Law of Attraction. He revealed to me that it is quite an unfortunate thing that still a lot of people around the world still miss out on their wonderful benefits. As such, I am extremely excited to share this information with you. Irrespective of one’s religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs, these oils will work wonders in your life.

So, let us jump right into this wonderful subject in which I am going to cover what exactly is a High Frequency oil and how to use a High Frequency oil. So, High Frequency oils are what we actually refer to as pure, natural, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that you can find from a good and genuine herbalist or from a very trusted source. In order to receive the most benefits, you absolutely need to ensure that that you are using the pure essential oil as the big secret lies within the fact that the 100%therapeutic grade essential oil holds within its very structure the very potent life force of nature in it. It is immensely powerful as it vibrates at an extremely high vibrational frequency and that high frequency is what really elevates you energetically and will bring wonderful transformations in your life. Another great piece of wisdom I received from my Kriya Yogi master is that these oils can be furthermore energized and taken to even higher levels of manifestation powers by employing moon phases and setting them with specific intents using positive words, emotions, mantras, prayers as well as high vibrational sound frequencies. My Kriya Yogi master also imparted to me that it of utmost importance that one ensures that one only employs high vibrational frequency carrier oils together with these essential oils. Using such high-grade carrier oils will massively raise the vibrational properties of High Frequency oils by adding their own potent life force to the mix. The carrier oil must set with a specific intention before being blended with the High Frequency essential oils.

As such, you can easily make your own High Frequency oil blends by also combining specific essential oils together. High Frequency oil blends are extremely versatile and can thus be specifically designed with intent for luck and good fortune, for love, for money, for abundance, for healing, for cleansing, for protection and just about anything and everything. Likewise, you can make these intention oils to help push negative energy out of your life or invite positive energy into your life. Every intention essential oil blend if done properly has the fully unleashed power to bring out your own untapped magic and your own inner power and creativity. It is that divine energy within yourself that is invoked. Once you have created your personal intention oil, I will now share with you five practical ways that you can use them in your day-to-day circumstances. So, number one you can use an intention oil to anoint and prepare a candle for a ritual. Let us say you are doing a money ritual and you want to invite and attract money and financial abundance into your existence using a candle, what you will do is apply your oil all over your candle and put your intention into the candle however way you want to prepare it and then you light it. The best way that I can describe it in my opinion is candles are a great representation of the true alchemical nature of life itself because it starts off in a solid form and it melts down into something completely different to liquid form. It is a solid that goes into liquid and eventually it is gone. It evaporates right. The wax is just evaporated and you are using the element of fire and also then you are putting in your own intention, your own oils. You know you can also use photos on your candles. You can even engrave your candles. It is an immense amount of intention going into something that is transforming. So in essence, you are actually literally transforming your life with this ritual using candles and applying intention oils on your candles is so easy and it is so powerful and magical. Now, let us say you made a love oil, a love intention oil blend, you would use it on a red or a pink candle. Say you have a success intention oil, you want to use an orange candle. All you need to do the simplest thing is just drop a few drops of your essential oil blend into your candle and light it or you can go even more extravagant as you can poke some holes into your candle, drip a little bit in there or you can rub it all around your candle after you engrave your candle in whatever way your spirit calls you to do it. You can get as intricate as you want or you could just keep it simple and just drop a few drops and light your candle. If you have a protection oil blend, you can rub that on a black candle to invoke protection in your life, of your energy, your home, your career, your work, everything around you. In the case of a money oil blend, you can use green or gold candles.

Now, the second way you can use a High Frequency intention oil is to drop few drops into your bath water. So this is actually very very powerful because when you take a bath, it is very cleansing. You are cleansing your energy, your aura, your, mind. So when you cleanse, you are basically like an empty blank canvas right. So you want to attract the right energy that you want to invite, so why not do it with an intention oil.What you can do is drop a few drops of love oil or beauty oil into your bathwater. Not only does it smell so good and it makes the skin so soft but it also invokes that energy and it just kind of coats your aura and your energy with that specific energy frequency.

The third way you can use a High Frequency intention oil blend is by rubbing it or sprinkling it by your front door. So, you can take a little bit and rub it on your front door, on the four corners of your front door or you can rub a sigil or a symbol on your front door with it or you can sprinkle it right in front of your entrance door. Now, you could even do protection oil so that your home is protected from the energies outside of your home and also like when the mailman comes or you have deliveries or maybe somebody is coming over but it is crucial that you understand and realize that different people carry different energetic patterns and vibrations within their auric fields. As such, it is vital that you protect your home against any intentional or unintentional negative energies and vibrations emanating from other people.You can also rub money oil or sprinkle money oil in front of your front door to attract money and financial abundance into your home, into your life. You can also sprinkle High Frequency intention love oil blend on your front door to invite and attract love and to just strengthen and amplify the love in your home and your life. Indeed, there is so many ways you can invite magic into your home by using an intention oil blend and your front door.

The fourth way that you can use a High Frequency intention oil blend and this is one of my favorite ways that I like to use, it is on your vision boards, your planners, like a list of your goals and the things you want to manifest, your scripting pages, your journal. So basically anything where you are projecting your manifestations, you are kind of telling the universe what you want to attract, rub an intention oil on there because it amplifies it and protects it and kind of just massively boosts the energy. Likewise, you can also use abundance oil blends or you can use protection oils so that you protect your manifestations. You can also use like Road opener intention oils, in order that obstacles are removed from all the things that you want to manifest.

Last but not least, the fifth way to use a High Frequency intention oil is to dab a little bit on yourself every day. As a matter of fact, this is something that I have personally been doing for a very long time on a daily basis. I have so many intention oils in a collection with me that I utilize all the time for different intentions of course. What you want to do is dab a little bit on yourself to infuse your energy with the specific energy vibration of your intention. So what I usually do is I rub it on my wrists, behind my ears as well as on my neck a little bit. Now, let us say you are suffering from communication issues, so you need to open up your Vishuddha chakra, you would get a intention oil for this chakra for communication and you rub that right on the throat to help you communicate, to open up that chakra as well as to clear the energetic blocks that are preventing you from expressing yourself. To open and activate the Anahata chakra, what you would do is get a High Frequency intention love oil or a Heart chakra oil blend and you would rub it all around where your Heart chakra is. You can do that for each one of your chakras. If you are overthinking and have just too much in your head, you feel chaotic in your head and just lots of thoughts, that means you have way too much energy in your head, which means way too much energy in your Sahasrara chakra and most certainly, way too much energy in your Ajna chakra as well, you then need to ground yourself. So, in this situation, you can use a High Frequency intention oil for your Muladhara chakra to kind of balance your energy out. Indeed, as per my Kriya Yogi master, unbeknownst to most spiritual aspirants, High Frequency intention oils are also an extremely great support in chakra activation for higher spiritual works.

You can also use protection oil or cleansing oil to protect yourself or to cleanse yourself of negative energy. So, High Frequency intention oils you could use them in so many different ways. You could use them for so many different purposes and they just help you boost and amplify energy. They are such an easy, wonderful and extremely potent way to enhance your Law of Attraction frequencies and manifestation capabilities. You can learn even more about these powerful High Frequency intention oils as well as on how you can prepare them yourself for different applications via the links below:

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I sincerely think that a lot of you guys would benefit immensely from knowing about them especially right now. We can gain greater control of our emotions and our spirituality right now and I feel like it is very important so that we don't go into anxiety and don't go into scarcity and lack mentality and just kind of get a grip on our emotions and our mental state by using High Frequency intention oil blends. I really hope you enjoyed this wonderful information. If you have not tried it yet, I highly recommend that that you do give it a try and share it with your loved ones. I am sure you will be most pleasantly surprised with the results you get. You only just need to take the required actions and leave the rest to the universe and get ready to take your life to the next level.


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