The Singing bowl: A heavenly instrument to help you in chakra healing and meditation

The Singing bowl: A heavenly instrument to help you in chakra healing and meditation

Hello my dear ones,  today I am going to tell you about this amazing device that has made tremendous impact in chakra healing and meditation practice known as the singing bowl.  I am extremely grateful to my Kriya Yogi master who revealed it to me. In his great wisdom, he also shared with me that in his own spiritual path, that this truly powerful tool has been always been a constant and trusted companion in accessing, experiencing and understanding the primordial seed harmonics of the Divine cosmos as well as his own undeniable spiritual nature. As such, the main reason I wanted to share with you all what the singing bowl is about is because it is something that has helped me personally and taken my own spiritual journey to the next level. 

Nowadays, a lot of us listen to meditation music or we listen to binaural beat tones via the internet. There is no denying that these are great tools for self-improvement but it is nothing better than the real thing. What I mean by the real thing?  I am talking about the singing bowl. I am talking about the pure frequencies it produces that resonate profoundly with our chakras and our entire energetic body.   I am talking about the raw vibration this instrument brings out.

When you are listening to a tone on a meditation CD, it is good. The tone is on a good frequency. But it is not where the tone originates from and it gives you a much more potent vibration using the instrument itself and when you are actually in the vicinity of the instrument itself. So the singing bowl is something that does that. Now this instrument is very unique because when you play it you have to listen to how the vibration is resonating with you. You have to listen to what the singing bowl is emitting as frequency. Sometimes, it may be a little too loud and it will give you a hit and other times,  it may be a little too low but it may still give you a hit. So you have to be in tune and in touch with this singing bowl which is unique.  

You know it is really interesting and another thing about the singing bowl is that it listens to you. What does this mean? Actually, the more you play it,  the more you are being tuned with it. You know when you first get a singing bowl, it is a little hard to play because you have to get the right amount of energy.  The singing bowl has to warm up to it.  Another thing that is really cool is that it is highly conducive to meditation. So whenever you are sitting down in a meditative posture and you start playing the singing bowl,  you are not only playing the instrument but you are actually doing a meditation as well.  The singing bowl's vibration has the capability to transform your feelings and thus, your aura. You could be in a bad mood, you get the right cymbal you start playing it and that whoever is in that room or in the vicinity of the singing bowl,  then the mood will gradually start to change within seconds. The reason is because the singing bowl's vibration will start to neutralize your negative emotions and calm you down. Within minutes, the negative energetic vibrations in your aura and those of anyone present will be transformed. The vibration is just incredible and an amazing sense of peace and oneness can be felt.

So if I was playing the singing bowl for a few hours in any day, whoever came into this room even after I was no longer there, would be overwhelmed with that energy because that energy stays and purifies the space. This shows the immense transformative ability of sound. Indeed, it is vital that we pay extreme attention to the sounds we listen to as disruptive and disharmonious sound vibrations can negatively impact our feelings and spirit.

Singing bowls create pure sonic frequencies which evoke a profound state of relaxation which naturally assist our brain and body in entering into a meditative state. As a matter of fact, the vibration is similar as the brain wave and it is likewise highly lauded by many mystics from all over the planet that it will greatly help one to get into the deeper states of concentration. Thus, they are regarded as an essential aid to anyone interested in meditation and can be often found on Buddhist altars, monasteries and meditation houses throughout the world in Asia, in Tibet, India and most of Nepal.

Each singing bowl produces a specific tonal frequency which heals its corresponding chakra. The following shows the different tones and to which chakra they relate to.

The singing bowl is used for its extremely potent holistic powers, for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki and meditation or any mindfulness practice. Meditation using singing bowls greatly enhances the synchronization of our body and mind in the present moment. So by using these bowls,  you are able to very effectively cleanse your auric field and your entire chakra system.

How are singing bowl made?

Singing Bowls are primarily made using 7 key metals and these  are Brass, Copper, Alloy, Iron, Silver, Gold, and Tin. First the metal is heated over 2000°C until it is completely liquefied. After that, the melted metal is poured into a vessel where it takes the shape of the singing bowl. Nowadays, the most commonly found metallic singing bowls are made out of Copper and Tin. The ones made in a factory are refined using machines whilst the Hand made one are beaten from the very beginning, using traditional techniques.

Singing bowls can also be made out of pure quartz crystal and these are incredibly resonant. The best of these are 99.9% quartz crystal for those that know about healing stones and crystals. Quartz crystal is probably the king of the king of all crystals, so it is the best one resonating a very high frequency. It is no wonder that it was a material that was chosen to make these bowls.

Types of singing bowls

Basically there are two types of singing bowls: one made in factory with molds and one handmade with hammers. The types made in factory are usually smooth. If you touch the bowl,  you can feel that there are no the signs of the hammer but it is smooth and clear. Then, they are beautiful decorated. Singing bowls made in factory have a clear and high sound which is good for the ears but not so rich in sound, harmonics and vibrations. Usually when playing a factory made singing bowl, I can hear the sound but I cannot feel too much vibrations in my hand.

In the handmade types, you can feel and see the signs of the hammer and they usually have a better sound quality. A good singing bowl has a sound that last long. It has a greater range of harmonics and vibrations. Usually the handmade singing bowls sound better than the one made in factory. But this is not always true. These days, there are also very good quality of singing bowls made in factory. My personal advise is that you have to try them and hear the differences yourself. You can also find bowls made in factory with hammered signs.

Size is also a very important aspect of singing bowls. There are different size for singing bowls.The bigger the bowl, the more grave is its sound. A good singing bowl must have at least three basic sound in itself: one low, one middle, one high. If I hit on the various sides of the bowl, I have the same sound. The basic sound must not have impurity or bad resonances. A good singing bowl does not need a hit to start sounding. But just turning the mallet around it starts sounding.

A third type of bowls are old singing bowls which are usually handmade. This old type of bowls are quite rare and difficult to find on the market, so they have a bigger price. The price of a singing bowl is based on its weight. The more it weighs, the more it costs as more materials were used to build it. 

Another important thing about  of singing bowls is that there are different types and size of mallets. Very important is the type of wood used for the mallet. A heavy and strong wood could be better because it will add more pressure on the bowl. I personally suggest the type of mallet that have one part in synthetic leather and the other part in wood. You can also find mallet made only in wood. But wood is not the best material to sound the bowl. While with wood, you will be able to play each bowl, it is not really good in sound quality as wood tends to distort and adds a noticeable amount of impurity in the sound produced. With leather you can reach a much more smoother and soft sound. Bigger singing bowls will need bigger mallets to get the best vibrations and harmonics. So if you are considering buying a singing bowl or a set for the 7 chakra frequencies, I would highly advise you to go in person to a reputable shop or seller if available locally or you can also look on trusted online shops.

How to play a singing bowl?

As per my own personal experience, to create the best sound with a singing bowl, I use the rimming technique. Here, you should firmly press the accompanying mallet in a circular motion against the bowl's outside edge or rim. You start by doing slow and steady circles around the rim of the bowl using a mallet. Moving too quickly will make it even more difficult to make the bowl sing and it will take some practice at first to attain the proper rhythm.  When you start hearing a bright and clear tone, you can slow down the motion. It is highly advised that you employ your full arm to make the motion instead of  just rotating your wrist to get the best results.

You can also play the singing bowl by ringing it. if you are going to start ringing a singing bowl, you do need to have some sort of cushion underneath it. These doughnut cushions are really great because the bowl doesn't slide off them easily. They also come as little mats. So either way, you have to have some sort of cushion underneath it because if it is sitting on a hard surface,  it is going to vibrate against it and make a really unpleasant sound.

The other way to do it is to hold the bowl in your hand as you ring it and if you are going to hold it in your hand, you want to keep a soft hold. If you are holding it too much, it is not going to ring out because you are blocking the sound. So you want to hold it from the bottom with a really gentle open palm and try not to close your fingers around the bowl.

It also is not great if you have rings on because they will vibrate against the metal and you can hear that when you ring it. The other thing that you want to keep in mind when you are ringing a singing bowl is where you are striking them. So you do not want to strike right at the top or right at the bottom, but if you can hit the bowl in the center sort of where it comes out the farthest. So hitting it right at that farthest point and that is true of any size bowl. You want to hit it right at that point. You can see how the bowl curves out and that is the place where you want to hit it, where you're going to get the best sound.

So if you want to ring a bowl and then stop the sound more quickly, you can just gently put your hand on the side of the bowl and it will stop the sound. Different singing bowls sort of require a different level of skill to make them sing. In general, singing bowls that are machine finished are a little bit easier to make sing than bowls that are hand hammered. It is a more even surface to go around so it is easier to have steady contact with the bowl. The hand hammered ones because it is a little bit of a bumpier surface, it is harder to maintain the contact that you need to maintain.

 A lot of people do find it easier to make them sing if you have it in your hand. If you are doing it too hard on the cushion, it might fall off of the cushion. What you are going to want to do is gently strike the bowl first, and then maintaining a steady contact with it all the way around, moving the striker around the rim of the bowl right around the outside. So not along the top, but along the outer rim of the bowl and you do not need to press too hard. It is not a forceful thing and the sound will gather the more quickly you go around the bowl.

16 amazing benefits of using singing bowls that you should know about

  1. Helps in the balancing and healing of the energy centers (chakras).
  2. Alleviates the ill-effects of stress on the mind.
  3. Provides relief from anxiety.
  4. Helps with anger management.
  5. Lowers the blood pressure.
  6. Helps with pain relief.
  7. Boosts and strengthens the immune system.
  8. Brings balance to the overall emotional response and well-being.
  9. Helps in achieving deep relaxation.
  10. Promotes the state of harmony and inner peace.
  11. Enhances the overall quality of sleep.
  12. Improves mental and emotional clarity resulting in heightened state of intuition.
  13. Promotes the release of feel good hormones like dopamine, endorphins and serotonins.
  14. Maximizes oxygen levels in the bloodstream.
  15. Promotes an overall sense of inspirational, uplifting and positive energy.
  16. Calms and focuses the mind for the purpose of meditation.


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