5 Magical Herbs You Can Use For Protection | Negative Energy, Arguments, Evil Eye, Fighting & So Much More

5 Magical Herbs You Can Use For Protection | Negative Energy, Arguments, Evil Eye, Fighting & So Much More

Hello my dear ones, in these specially trying times we are all living in, I genuinely feel that it is of utmost importance that we do all that we can to protect ourselves spiritually. I clearly remember that some time back in my own spiritual journey I asked my Kriya Yoga Master about it.  At that time, I was embracing my spiritual longing and doing all that was required of me to reconnect to the source and as I was growing more aware, I also discovered that I was quite vulnerable to the external energies outside of me. This significantly impacted my spiritual works and my frustration grew even more day-by-day. To my great amazement, my Kriya Yoga Master revealed to me that being spiritual entities, we are all constantly affected by the energies all around us in this physical manifestation. Bound to the material plane, we are all likewise very much under the influence of Maya (The Great Illusion). Whilst some of us are more sensitive to this phenomenon than others, we are all essentially in the same boat. In his great wisdom, he told me that it is thus of extreme importance that we do all that we can to protect ourselves from all potentially negative energetic vibrations.  Moreover, this is even more crucial for all of us doing regular spiritual practices as well as those who are seriously thinking of embarking on a conscious spiritual quest for the ultimate truth. So without wasting anymore time, let us dive right into this fascinating subject and learn more.

So, in this post, we are going to be talking about some really potent herbs that are really good for spiritual protection.

Now, when would you need really spiritual protection?

Usually, it is when you find yourself in negative situations a lot. So that could be a lot of tension in the house, fighting in the house, maybe a lot of bad luck happening one thing after the other and a lot of the times, it could be anything. It could be stuff that you have like brought on to yourself consciously or unconsciously by the way that you think and speak. Those are energetic frequencies. Those are literally magic spells in itself that you do is what you think and speak and then other times, it could be evil eye that people send you, jealous eyes, greedy energy you know. Other times, it could be like generational bad luck that has followed you or sometimes, it could just be as simple as you had a phone call with somebody on customer service and they had really bad energy. As such, it is vital that you protect and cleanse your home.

So, these are five herbs with really powerful life-force you could use and a lot of the times like if you feel off, if you feel like you just the energy is not balanced,  the energy does not feel right, the energy is just off, then you know that these are some herbs that you could utilize to protect your inner pranic energies, protect the energy of your home, your relationships, your finances, your career, your mental state, like these are among the best spiritual herbs to help with so much. I am only going to be sharing with you those herbs that I use personally and that I have been utilizing for several years, that I have seen results in both me and people that I know of. So, these are herbs that really will show you something in your life so if you are interested, let us get started.

So, the first herb that we have here is cloves and you want to make sure that you do get cloves that have a majority of the head on still. Energetically, cloves are very very protective in essence. They keep away gossip , they help keep away negative energies and negative spirits, keeps away unwanted and unwelcomed energy, jealous eyes, envious people. What you could do is put one clove with the head on in the four corners of your home, outside the property or inside. You can also use the powder or high-grade pure clove essential oil if you do not have like the actual clove. You can also burn this inside of your house. As such, it is  very much like kind of an exorcism if you burn this inside the home. It really gets the negative energy out. You can also add 3 cloves to a red candle. Then, you set your protective intention and charge the candle with this intention and light it up. It is really really good. You could very easily do this at home with the red candle and cloves. It is very powerful for sending negative energy back, for sending evil eye back you know. So yeah, get yourself some cloves.

Now, the next herb I want to share with you guys about is hyssop. So, hyssop is a very powerful herb and this is for those of you that like really need some strong protection like you really need to get into the roots, you need to cleanse and protect like deep deep down. Hyssop is really really good for such purposes. It is also good because it helps to purify and cleanse too on top of that protection property that it gives. Energetically speaking, hyssop is a potent spiritual herb that gets it done. It does not play, like it is really strong, it is like one that breaks through barriers and obstacles to get the job done which is purification, cleansing and protection. Another reason I personally like to use hyssop is because it not only does the protection, the purification and the cleansing but it also attracts positive good energy. In addition, hyssop can be utilizes in magical as well as spiritual rituals to help remove curses and hexes and things like that. Now, what you could do is put hyssop in a bowl and put a black candle in there whether that be a tea light or a chime or whatever and light it just to infuse and heat up that hiss of energy and spread it all over your house. Now, do not leave it unattended just because it is in a bowl of herbs but that is something that you could easily do. Another thing you could do is add hyssop to your bath. This is a very like popular way to use it. It is very cleansing, it is good for spiritual rinse and just to get rid of negative energy around your own aura and your own energy. Something else you could do is boil it, wait for it to cool down, strain it and use it as a rinse. As a matter of fact, you can use it very effectively as a floor mop. You can sprinkle it around your house. There is a lot of things you could do with that water but be careful about contact with your skin because hyssop can be a little harsh for some people with sensitive skin. So yeah, hyssop is a go-to, it is a must because the energetic frequency of protection in it is so strong but it also carries positive energy as well as purification and cleansing properties.

So, the next spiritual herb that I want to share with you is star anise. If you can get your hands on the entire star, it is very lucky and it is very very auspicious. In essence, star anise is very dominating by nature. It is a very seductive, alluring, manipulating energetic pattern like it gets the job done but it will sweeten its way through to get the job done. On a personal level, I really love this herb. It smells like black licorice and it is really good for protection and it keeps away evil eyes. It is also very purifying and it creates a psychic shield and so it is really good for protection of your spirituality and spiritual energies you know. You can keep it on your altar if you guys do tarot or any kind of divination like on your Ouija board or whatever for the best experience and results. You can also keep it in your bathroom, keep one underneath the mattress or keep one on top of your front door. Moreover, you could keep it anywhere that you want to protect the energy that is going out or coming in. What you could also do is carry this with you. You could carry it in like a little bag, in your purse, your wallet, in your car, in your luggage and stuff like that. You can keep one star in every four corner of your house like North corner, West corner, South corner and East corner for home protection. You could either bury it under the ground or keep it inside the property on those four corners. You can also keep one under your pillow or mattress to keep away bad dreams. This is really good for keeping nightmares away and provides significant protection from attacks coming from malevolent spiritual entities whilst you sleep. Something that I really like to do with this and not everybody is going to prefer it just because of the smell, very black licorice type of a scent but if you can boil this and then strain it and you can use it to spray all over your house like as a rinse and energetic cleanser. Though, you have to be careful as for some people, it could be harsh on the skin. So yeah those are a few simple ways you could utilize star anise and this is something you could also burn. You can burn it on top of your stove because it helps drive away poverty and lack. So, burn it right on top of your stove like in a little fire safe bowl or you could keep a fire safe bowl on top of your stove and then have the anise in there and just light a white candle or a black one. You can even incorporate the hyssop around there like you can mix and match these. If you can get all of these five together, it is really really good as their combined protective potential is maximized exponentially.

Now, the next herb that i want to share with you guys is nettle. So nettle is very unique because lots of people are scared of nettle. You know a lot of people cannot touch it because it is so sensitive like their skin can maybe break out in rashes and stuff. As such, it is one of those that you have to be a little bit more careful with your skin and stuff. Nevertheless, nettle is in essence something that protects like a mom, like a mother, it keeps its space safe like a mother would. So, I really like the Divine Mother energetic vibration of nettle for that reason but like a mom, she will also like give you a nice slap when you need it you know. Nettle helps to keep your mind away from negativity. It provides mental clarity. Nettle is very good for keeping away negativity and stress, frustration, worry, anxiety, stuff like that from the mind. So, that is why I like to work with this herb a lot. Sometimes, it could kick you in the ass just like that golly energy you know if you keep repeating a behavior that is not serving you, nettle is going to try to take you out of it because it is not serving you, it is just harming you you know. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, nettle is also quite potent in dispelling fear and removing doubt and this is really good for lots of fighting and tension in the home and nettle helps to calm that down because it is that nurturing motherly energy you know. So, you can burn nettle inside of your house.That is one of the best ways to do it. You can also you know make sure you check with your doctor before you intake any kind of herbs but using it in a tea is very good for mental clarity but just make sure with your doctor before you do because a lot of times our bodies we do not know what kind of herbs and stuff our bodies can actually handle and stuff. Another thing you could do is that if you think that you have been cursed or hexed or something like that, then carry just a little bit with you, sprinkle it a little teeny bit in your pockets or carry like a little baggie. It is really really good to keep the negative energies away and get rid of it too.

Last but not least, the last herb that I want to share with you guys is rosemary and I am sure so many of you probably have this already inside your house, in your garden.  It is really good for protection but it has also like that motherly like, that feminine protection energetic vibration. It is a very gentle and nurturing type of protective energy. It is also very cleansing. Now, rosemary is ruled by the sun and so it will bring in those energies. The sun carries energies of warmth and cheer and happiness, success, manifestation and growth. In essence, rosemary is very very good in attracting positive vibrations of happiness and cheer. After you like cleanse your home or you do a protection type of a ritual or spell or anything you know, you just kind of cleared out your space of energy and as such, you want to bring back good energy and that is why I like to use rosemary because it already carries the energy of the sun. Moreover, using rosemary is very good if you have children that are still in school or if you have like kids that are in college or even if you are like in school or college or studying. It is really auspicious for like stuff like that, like studying and exams and tests and school. It helps to protect those kinds of things and brings mental clarity when it comes to like passing the test and focusing and remembering things. It is very very good for stuff like that. It has a very very strong scent. In general, the scent of rosemary overpowers whatever kind of it is around. Likewise, it is very overpowering, overbearing and that is why I also like to use it for protection because it just overpowers whatever other energy was there. So, it is very good like that. Another thing you could do is cook with it, keep like a bowl or a thing of rosemary on your altar and then you can cook with it, take it a little bit of a time whenever you need it and cook with it. Another thing you could do is burn rosemary in your house and that is very cleansing and protective. That is one of the best ways you could use it. You can also boil it, cool it, strain it and use that as a floor mop as a rinse for yourself, sprinkling it all over your house. You could use that water for a lot. You can also put rosemary in a blue candle. So, either you could do like a rosemary bowl and then put a blue candle in there or you could just sprinkle some rosemary in a blue candle. This helps to protect communication, protect the harmony, protect the peace of the home, protect the way you guys talk to each other and stuff like that, protect the relationships and the bonds as well as a lot of Throat chakra work. So, that is really really effective if you use it with the blue candle. The last way that I wanted to talk to you guys about is that this is really really good for couples. If you want to cleanse the energy of like two people, make sure you do something with rosemary because rosemary likes to help the feminine energy of the relationship, which is all about what compassion, nurturing, just being that more like listening and stuff like that you know or masculine is also always very like protective and you want to provide and like it is a very go-getter type of an energy, very active whereas the feminine of the relationship lets you speak and understand and communicate and stuff like that. So, you always need that too.

All right you guys so those were herbs that I personally go to. They are my go-to's and they are without any doubt very powerful. The energy of them is very very good. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I highly encourage that you do give it a try. I am really positive that you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.


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