Why You Should Use Camphor For Spiritual Benefits & Healing! │ Get Rid Of Negative Energy Fast, Natural Remedy For Flu & Cold & So Much More

Why You Should Use Camphor For Spiritual Benefits & Healing! │ Get Rid Of Negative Energy Fast, Natural Remedy For Flu & Cold & So Much More

Hello my dear ones, during my many talks with my Kriya Yogi Master, he once revealed to me the wonderful benefits of camphor. He revealed to me that this amazing substance actually possesses extremely high energetic vibrations that are most conducive for all spiritual aspirants as well as for one's health. As such, I am really excited to share his great wisdom on camphor with you all.

So in this post, we are going to learn a lot about the magical and medicinal uses of camphor which is also known as Kapur in Hindi. Now what do you have to remember when you are using camphor or Kapur is to not burn it around your pets and keep it away from your pets because it is harmful and toxic to animals. Camphor has a very white waxy texture and look to it. Typically, it comes in balls, it comes in blocks, it comes in essential oils and it also comes in powders. Personally, I burn camphor incense on a daily basis as it is really practical and quite cheap. It truly transforms the whole atmosphere around you. Moreover, I also like to use the cubes which I buy like a bulk of them as often as I can. They smell really good, they last a long time and you only need to use a little bit at a time. It is good to know that only 50 year old trees can produce camphor. The camphor tree is an evergreen tree. You are probably familiar with camphor if you have ever used Vicks VapoRub. It is one of the ingredients in there and it has a very menthol like smell, very minty, very strong nasal opening scent to it. Camphor oil can be used in your bath to relax your body and your mind. As a matter of fact, it is a very effective stress reliever. If you do not have the oil, what you can do is crush the cube a little bit and just sprinkle it inside of your bath water. It is so soothing to your body. It is so calming for the mind.

One of the most popular practical uses for camphor is as a decongestant and that is why it is such a huge ingredient in Vicks VapoRub. It opens up nasal passages. You can even use it and rub it on your chest to open up your lungs too. You can use the blocks and crush it and add it with a little bit of camphor oil and rub it in. You can even diffuse the incense and breathe it in to clear up your nasal passages. I still remember that when I was little and I would get sick my grandma used to always tie a little fabric and put camphor in there and pin it right up to like my chest area so that I am constantly breathing it and that helped me get over my flu or sickness so fast and the scent is so strong and soothing to me every time I smell it. It is a very healing scent for me. It helps with colds and coughs when rubbed out on the chest or when you smell it. This also helps to relieve symptoms of asthma. One good way to use it is to break a little piece of the cube, sprinkle it in water, boil the water and then let the water cool down just a bit and then you put a towel over yourself and just inhale that water. What this does is it helps clear your nasal passages. It helps treat your asthma symptoms and helps you breathe better. Camphor also helps to soothe itchy skin and rashes. It is a really good ingredient to use for eczema and like itchy skin. What I love to do is to break a little bit of the cube and mix it in with some warm coconut oil not too warm because you do not want to burn yourself and then just apply it wherever it is itchy or irritated, wherever your eczema is flaring up and it is really strong antibacterial and it also helps to soothe the itching and it has very soothing and cooling sensation when it is applied onto the skin. Camphor can also be used to ease muscle cramps and joint pains. It causes somewhat of a numbing sensation on the skin and again you would use the oil or you can make your own oil just crush a little bit into some warm coconut oil and use that right away onto your skin or your muscles or wherever you are having pain. Camphor is also well-known to repel insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches and bed bugs. Just burn a little tiny bit of it where these bugs are or keep a little piece of it where the bugs are but just remember that if you have pets in the house, you do not want to keep it laying around and it is a very strong scent so if you keep that in mind that the scent is strong so if you do not like it, it might bother you but for me, I personally love the scent and I am sure a lot of people love the scent just because it is a very Vicks VapoRub type of a scent.

Now, we come to the manifold spiritual uses of camphor. According to my Kriya Yogi Master, camphor is a really powerful tool for all spiritual aspirants and practitioners for purification as well as protection. It is widely used in Hindu ceremonies and prayers. It is known to dispel and get rid of negative energy as well as any and all malicious negative energetic vibrations. Camphor is a very powerful substance to push it out and away from your life. You can burn it in your home, your office or whatever room that you are in the most to push the negative energy out, the unwanted energy that is laying in that room, all the stagnant energy that is blocking you from manifesting and accomplishing what you need to attain. It pushes all that energy out. What you can also do is take the block and kind of just like pass it all over your body from head to toe with the clear intention of removing all negativity energetically attached to you and then burn that block. On a pranic level, what this actually does is it kind of sucks any negativity on around your aura and around your pranic energy and it will burn it away with the camphor. The reason that camphor is such a good material to burn regarding getting rid of negative energy is because it burns out completely without leaving any residue of itself. So, it burns like there is no ash or anything, it just burns completely and it is gone. So, it just dissipates and any harmful lingering energetic patterns, it just sucks out of your environment or you and it is gone.

So, if you are working really hard on your manifestations or spiritual practices or if you feel like you are stuck and you are not moving forward or there are obstacles in your path to get you to reach your goal, burn camphor on a daily basis. It clears the path that opens your road. Unbeknownst to many, camphor is also very powerful to drive away evil spiritual entities from your home. So, if you feel like you are having a lot of nightmares or if you feel like you sense an energy that you do not want, burn camphor and it will help to get rid of it. Since it opens your roads, it helps to attract prosperity and abundance and wealth to you. In addition, camphor is great for blocking evil eye that people send to you or negative energy that people are sending your way. It is really good to block that as well as to keep that from affecting you. A truly amazing property of camphor is that burning it makes it unlivable for spirits with low vibrations or bad spirits or any negative spiritual entities. It makes that environment clean and pure and as such, energetically just unlivable for them, it just drives them away like they have no choice but to leave.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I had so much fun sharing this precious information with all of you. I would really advise that you do keep camphor a try. I am sure it will genuinely transform your life for the better.


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