5 Dynamic Crystals To Attract Money & Manifest Abundance!

5 Dynamic Crystals To Attract Money & Manifest Abundance!

Hello my dear ones, as you might already know, I am a huge believer in the power of crystals to greatly influence our lives. Through this post, I wish to share with you this amazing knowledge I received from my Kriya Yogi Master about five amazing crystals that work energetically to attract money into your life. So, without wasting anymore time, let us jump right into it and learn more about these wonderful tools of self-empowerment.

Now, before we start, I want to tell you a little bit about crystals. So, why and how do crystals work? Every crystal emits a particular frequency; a vibration and the vibration of the specific crystals we are going to learn about are notably very money related, wealth and abundance related. So, it is really good to keep these in your home, on your body, your bedroom, just on you and around you because they lift the energetic vibration up to attract money okay. So, the first crystal we are going to talk about is citrine. Personally I have tumbled stone citrine and I have the raw form of citrine as well and this is the stone of abundance. It is known as the money stone. It is a success stone. It is a stone that brings happiness and cheer into the home and into your environment. It is also known as a merchant's stone of wealth. As such, this is especially good for you if you have a business. It attracts clients. It attracts more business opportunities to you. It is really good to have in your place of business or you can have it in your wallet or around your money. If it touches your money, that is really really good. It is a money magnet stone and it is a stone of happiness. So, it really lifts the vibration so that not only are you attracting the money but you are also in a positive state of mind, you are in a cheerful state, a happy state, a joyous state which further enhances the law of attraction to work for you. Citrine also helps you hold on to your money. This is a stone that does not absorb negative energy and instead takes it and transmutes it into positive energy. Physically, citrine usually comes in like a blend of white and orange and yellow colors. They are very very bright stones and they are pretty shiny and really pretty. So, you can use all of these crystals actually for decoration as well as for the purpose of attracting money.

The next stone we are going to learn about is aventurine. Now, this is a stone of luck like it is commonly known as the stone of gamblers. It brings good luck to whoever carries it. It is a stone that increases fortune and it also helps you be more creative. It is a very popular stone when people go gambling. It is a really good stone to take with you when you are gambling and in games of chance. It increases your likeliness to win. Energetically, it attracts the frequencies of luck and money prosperity and abundance into your favor. Aventurine actually comes from the Italian word Aventura which means chance which is which is one of the biggest reasons it is also known as the gamblers stone because it just kind of makes things go in your favor when you are gambling and it is just a stone that brings a lot of luck when it comes to money.

The third crystal we are going to be talking about is pyrite. Now, pyrite stone is known as fool's gold. It has a very very high energy and it brings that energy to wherever it is placed in your home, on your body. It emits a very high frequency, a very high vibration. It is a stone of optimism and cheer and these are emotions that quickly bring your vibration up. Likewise, when your vibration is up, it is easier for money to come to you and it is faster for money to come to you when your vibration is up because you are leaving those paths and those doors open. When your vibration is down, when you are emitting a low frequency, then you are literally creating an energetic block for money to come to you. So, this is a really good stone to keep your vibration up. It also provides greater mental clarity helping you to make better decisions when it comes to finances, helping you to think more clearly when it comes to money. It is typically used in Feng Shui to attract money and wealth. If you keep this in like the money corner of your house, it is very very good to lift the vibration of attracting money. The pyrite energy also helps get things done. It is a stone of like movement, it helps you not be lazy, it helps you be inspired, to get up and do things and to really like focus and be motivated and inspired in order for the money to come to, in order for you to do what you need to do which would to get the money.

The fourth stone we are going to talk about is probably one of my favorite stones ever and that is the labradorite stone. Now, I have the tumbled version here but I also have a wand, I have the bracelet that I wear all the time and then I also have a raw form of the labradorite. I keep it on me, I wear it all the time, I keep it under my mattress, I keep it in my bedroom, I keep it everywhere because the magic of this stone has transformed my life in big ways and speaking of magic, this is actually known as a stone of magic. It is the stone of transformation. It brings about change. It creates change and movement. The labradorite stone helps you find your purpose. It is a stone that brings all the right situations, the right timing, the right people, the right circumstances to you. It puts you into the right place at the right time to attract whatever it is you want. It is a sort of synchronicity so it just aligns everything in the universe to a place where you can get what you want. It aligns you with whatever you want. It has been a very very powerful stone in my own life. It makes things go in your favor. It aligns and shifts the energies that are needed in order for things to go in your favor. It also attracts luck and it protects your energy from leaking. It protects your aura and it really just cleanses away any negative energy around you. So this stone is just something I cannot be without. I have it all the time with me. It has created huge huge changes in my life and it is also a stone to give you willpower. So, if you are somebody that struggles with that, this is definitely an excellent stone for you to have.

Last but not least, the last stone we are going to learn about that brings us money and financial abundance is amber. Technically, this is not actually a stone as it is more of a resin but it also falls in the category of crystals and stones that attract money. This stone opens your crown chakra which allows you to receive and get information from your Higher Self as well as the higher source from the ethers, universe, God whatever it is you believe in. It allows you to get connected with that divine force and that power so that ideas can come to you more naturally, so that you can have information that will help you get more money. Amber provides you information and a connection to a higher source so that you know which path to go on, where to go, how to obtain the money, what to do next. It just gives you that information, that connection, that inspiration to let you know where you need to go, what you need to do to attract money. It clears away obstacles and blocks that are in your path. So, these could be like obstacles in your day-to-day life, it could also be thoughts that you are having that are creating blocks regarding money. Amber really helps to clear all that out. It transforms negative energy into positive energy. Amber also protects your money. It is a very uplifting crystal and it attracts great luck and wealth to you. This is a stone that I really love to keep around me because I deeply feel like it is a stone that brings money really fast or if you have an idea or if you want something, if you want to manifest something, amber is something that in my experience just helps a lot. It helps them move along faster. It is a magical stone that brings about manifestations much faster. It helps your desires and your wishes come into reality faster and if you want money, it just gets things moving faster so that the money can come to you.

Okay, so these are five truly amazing stones that help attract money. I would highly recommend that you look into getting some or all of these. To get the best results from these crystals, I highly advise that you perform weekly cleansing, energizing as well as clearing rituals on these stones. It would also be really beneficial for you to learn how to sense their energies to further magnify their particular vibrations to work more in greater synchronicity with your own energies and intentions. I truly hope that this post helped you to learn more on the manifold benefits and impacts that crystals can have on your existence. You can learn more about crystals here and which types of stones you should be beware of. Please share it with anybody that you think might find it helpful. Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope that you do give these stones a chance in taking your life to the next level.


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