A Journey of Self-Realization: From Seeking to Knowing

All the way back to my earliest childhood memories, I have always felt driven by a deep sense of spiritual yearning. Rising from deep within me were questions about the meaning of life, the true nature of self, our purpose in life and God and these were constant companions on my exploration to discover deeper truth and fulfillment. Blessed by the rich exposure from both my parents who were of different religions, cultures, and spiritual teachings, I came to know early on that an experience of the sacred is not exclusive to any one religion, doctrine or belief system.

While having sensed the nearness of Divine Presence, it took me many years to learn how to readily access it and to understand and realize how my own ideas about the Divine were actually themselves a barrier to authentic realization, or awakening. Along my quest to learning about my inner world and self-discovery, I become very open and naturally attracted to the multitude of mystic wisdom from all over the world. I came to the profound realization that the path to spiritual enlightenment is indeed manifold.

There are so much knowledge, tools and practices from all corners of the planet, both ancient and new that are available now to us at this very moment. These could very well be our keys to bring about our personal spiritual transformation on mother Earth and allow us thrive with all our potentials fully unlocked and contributing to the world with greater meaning, purpose, and wholeness.

Through Mysticra, my sincerest wish is to share with you the knowledge and practical experience that I have accumulated along my own spiritual path. I hope that you enjoy them, learn from them and even give them a try if you want to do so. Listen to your intuition. I am confident that you will eventually find the right path that is most suited to you. I sincerely wish you all the very best on your own journey.